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Time for the final act.

2010-09-09 23:21:30 by Doodledude5810

As said in the title...wait let me explain if you my post called i hate Valentines day it was just this year I explained whats been happening to me for the past 2 years and YES it's still going. Let me get everyone (by that i mean you 3 people) up to date long story short I was doing great i was really close then since summer started its broken down.....This makes me hate humanity I'm sorry if some people think i'm overreacting then ok but I still think its unfair how i've been her friend for 2 years aswell as always been nice to her and done everything to impress for 2 years and then have it break down within a period of 2 months. Unfortunatly we went to different High Schools which.....REALLY SUCKS. But I do have a plan to switch (Yes, I am doing this.)

So far its all been going down hill and for past 3 days of High School I can't get her out of my head. I don't consider it stalking because it's all in my head and I'm doing anything crazy. But anyway I've had a plan to actually KILL myself if this doesn't work out.(This may be a little stalkish) But bear with me you've never met her and hell you don't even know her name. But yes I'm even thinking of doing it Tonight even though i'm not getting a solid answer. As you can tell i'm VERY unstable and many thoughts go through my mind each day. Non stop.....and to think I was expecting for it to all pay off at my least there was a goodbye. But if it doesn't work out then I will make one more post that noone will read saying that it will be my last. So hopefully this isn't the 2nd last time I speak here.


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2010-10-13 11:28:17

Your love struck man.... I know what your going through, its a very deep aching pain that messes with your head, but as these things happen, dont think too much about it, or try not to, I know its easier said then done, I've been in the exact same position, people say this and they never truly understand, but in time you will think back to these moments wondering why you were even so bothered about it, you will just laugh at it.

The worst thing to do is to be by yourself with your thoughts, it can really throw you into the deep end, talk to your friends or whoever else, make sure your talking about these things, dont be by yourself, be around other people, at this time your thoughts are your worst enemies, after time it will pass, hang in there bud