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2010-10-28 22:19:22 by Doodledude5810

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Ok from my last post to know it's gotten 1,000,000 times better!!! We just had a Halloween dance and my friends pushed me into this random girl and she started like fast dancing with me, then about 10 seconds the girl who I like asked her to go and she started dancing with me (So I'm like holy shit). So i was pretty happy the rest of the dance :D. But on the last song my friends pushed me to her and she just started slow dancing with me :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDD. So basically i'm FUCKING HAPPY AS HELL.

P.s the Song that was playing was......|

Time for the final act.

2010-09-09 23:21:30 by Doodledude5810

As said in the title...wait let me explain if you my post called i hate Valentines day it was just this year I explained whats been happening to me for the past 2 years and YES it's still going. Let me get everyone (by that i mean you 3 people) up to date long story short I was doing great i was really close then since summer started its broken down.....This makes me hate humanity I'm sorry if some people think i'm overreacting then ok but I still think its unfair how i've been her friend for 2 years aswell as always been nice to her and done everything to impress for 2 years and then have it break down within a period of 2 months. Unfortunatly we went to different High Schools which.....REALLY SUCKS. But I do have a plan to switch (Yes, I am doing this.)

So far its all been going down hill and for past 3 days of High School I can't get her out of my head. I don't consider it stalking because it's all in my head and I'm doing anything crazy. But anyway I've had a plan to actually KILL myself if this doesn't work out.(This may be a little stalkish) But bear with me you've never met her and hell you don't even know her name. But yes I'm even thinking of doing it Tonight even though i'm not getting a solid answer. As you can tell i'm VERY unstable and many thoughts go through my mind each day. Non stop.....and to think I was expecting for it to all pay off at my least there was a goodbye. But if it doesn't work out then I will make one more post that noone will read saying that it will be my last. So hopefully this isn't the 2nd last time I speak here.

Uhhh Despicable Me..

2010-07-10 23:29:46 by Doodledude5810

I'm gonna be doing alot more of these. Like editing it to have me instaed of the character. Mainly movies that are just realesed but I'm gonna be doing acouple nostalgic pieces. ^^

Uhhh Despicable Me..


2010-07-08 21:06:40 by Doodledude5810

Well, today's my birthday umm thats all it really is I just made this and I thought it was cool so yeah. Nothing special just a slightly edited picture, i was mainly focusing on shading. As you can see I've designed the character after the Katy Towell or ChildrenRskary animations.


Super Street fighter IV: Review.

2010-05-15 18:08:37 by Doodledude5810

I know I'm late with this game or I might not be I don't know because I never cared to know when this game came out, But whatever. I can't say much about it because I already did a Street fighter IV game review a couple months ago. But let me try my best.

The first thing that urks me is that why not just make this a big DLC pack? Well, when I started the game I soon found out. It would be WAY TO MUCH points or whatever to buy because there is a lot of stuff added. First and probably the biggest reason I got this was the new characters, Me I personally use Juri ALOT and I mean ALOT because I've used a different character outside Arcade like 3 times. EVER! I know why though.

In Street Fighter IV I didn't like any of the characters because most of them were either to bulkey, lame, or much too.... I don't have a word for it but for example Vega he was this badass looking guy with a mask and a claw. But I HATED HIS FIGHTING STYLE and for some reason I can't do his Ultra combo.
But with Juri she is fast, evil, and all around sexy. (there I said it).

But this is probably the worst review ever of this game but I have to address something..WTF IS UP WITH EVERY GUY YOU FIGHT ONLINE!!! Like there always using exploits, be it spamming, cornering (witch I have a least a little tolerance for) and just...being cheap thats just about it.

But I am SO HAPPY that not many people use Zangeif anymore I've came across about 2 people who him Unfairly. No, now its T-Hawk. I mean he makes Chuck Norris cry, his grab is uses over and over and over and over and over and over UNTIL YOU RAGE QUIT THE MATCH! Well, as I said I can't say much about it just if you like Street fighter IV then you'll definatly like Super Street Fighter IV. Well, I'm gonna go train as Juri then go lose to a 8 year old handicapped chiled spamming grab.


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If you read me last post hopefully you can understand that I've been quite distractied.

To make up for this long period I made a Garrry's mod video for you guys ^^. Also, this is my very first finished video so plz excuse it's crap factor. Why is it in awful quality....i have no idea.

Probably since noone read's these but on my 2nd post ever saying that I hate Valentine's day and guess WHAT!! I still do, even more than last year. For the reason let me explain. For this past year I have been in this love triangle with this girl and this other guy, and I really love her. That's right LOVE her, so of course I have a very strong connection with her. But unfortunatly she doesn't like me as much. Bad luck to me. But anyway the other guy is almost my best friend. I know he liked her but he doesn't know I like her. So in every dance he would ask her to dance and she always denied him. So every time I wouldn't know how to feel either to feel happy that she denied him or to feel bad because he's a close friend. So in this dance she finally accepted and I'm now heartbroken. By the way I never asked her to dance because I was too nervous to ask her also I would of felt terrible if she said no (trust me I knew a girl who did deny me) also none of my friends know that I like her so I was afraid of what they would think.. So right I litteraly want to put a revolver to my head. But know she's giving me the evil eye. So I really FEEL BAD so now I'm gonna try to move in on her because I have nothing to lose now don't I? Dear god kill me.

No Half Life 3 in 2010?

2010-01-30 16:02:17 by Doodledude5810

Well if you can read you will know that Valve has announced that Half life 3 or episode 3 will not be coming out in's been 4 years with only 2 expansions.......really, I'm probably wrong about this but didn't Valve say that Half life 3 is coming out in 2010? Of course not. Well maybe this could be good maybe they're putting more into the game, but I really doubt that. For one reason and 4 words. Left 4 Dead two. If they had been more patient and just made Half life 3 before Left 4 Dead 2 then probably it would be realesed in 2010. If they were thinking that they would make alot of money with Left 4 Dead 2, then they're idiots becuase they would make more money with Half Life 3. Being one of the most succesful Video games of all time (without sayingthat Left 4 Dead isn't one aswell) But the point still remains they've had like 3 years on this and still nothing? Of course I forgive too easily and still say that Valve is my favourite game company of all time.

~Sincerly Doodledude.

Merry Christmas

2009-12-24 16:53:01 by Doodledude5810

Just like to wish all the guys at a very Merry Chrsitmas. This is the season love, joy and peace (But snowball Fights are ok). I'm really counting my first post as my first day here so I can say I haven't been here a year and already I have 100 flash reviews. I'd say that's pretty good in a small time. Even people who don't celebrate Christmas have my warmest regards.

~ Sincerly Doodledude


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